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About Bill Ward

About Bill Ward


All of the imperative, personal rights provided for each of us in the Constitution and the appropriate, constrained role of government.

As a military veteran and retired law enforcement officer; that oaths taken before God are binding in perpetuity and can never be laid aside-and that safety is a primary consideration.

As a Commissioner for Pasquotank County; I HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO be mindfully aware of the value of your hard-earned dollars when considering appropriate budgets and to work with my fellow Commissioners to bring controlled growth here that increases employment opportunities and maximizes quality of life.

I PLEDGE to be available to listen to your concerns and be a voice for them. To do all I can to minimize your tax burdens while providing you expected and necessary services. To partner WITH YOU in determining the right course for our future and to sustain all that we love about this incredible place we share as our home.

We may not always agree, but you have my sincere promise I will make the process and reasoning for my decisions available and understandable to each of you.

I humbly ask for your prayers through this political process for me, my family and the whole of this community. I ask for your consideration of my offer to serve you and I ask for your vote so I have that opportunity.

May God continue to bless each of us with liberty and humility.

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