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Pasquotank River View From Elizabeth City, NC Bill Ward Is Pro Law & Pro 2nd Amendment ABOUT BILL WARD Former Law Enforcement For 33 Years Dedicated to Pasquotank County PUBLIC SAFETY

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I'm Bill Ward, candidate for Pasquotank County Commissioner At-Large. I hope you'll consider me for your vote. I am a fiscal conservative. I believe in smaller open government so that you can keep more of your tax money in your pocket and you can also hold your commissioners accountable for the way they spend your tax dollars. I want to put government meetings online for transparency. I also believe in controlled growth here in the county so we can keep more of our students here and have better paying jobs for the residents. I'm also a strong supporter of law enforcement for public safety.

Bill Ward's HISTORY

About Bill Ward

Bill Ward's HISTORY

Bill Ward was a former sheriff in Pasquotank County for 33 years. He strongly supports law enforcement.

Bill Ward's MISSION

Issues & Priorities for Bill Ward

Bill Ward's MISSION

Bill Ward wants to provide a smaller open government and hold our commissioners accountable for what they spend.

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Bill Ward's PHOTOS

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